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Supreme Court Decides to Overturn Roe

New Voices for Reproductive Justice Condemns Supreme Court Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade and Ban Abortion

June 24, 2022

Hannah Litchfield
(215) 315-3190‬

(Pittsburgh, PA) New Voices for Reproductive Justice is disappointed yet unsurprised by The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to vote in favor of Thomas E. Dobbs in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson today, overturning Roe v. Wade, and restricting the human right to access legal abortion. Upon hearing of the leaked draft opinion from The Supreme Court, New Voices accelerated community mobilization with countless voices across the country, condemning this most recent attack on human rights and bodily autonomy. With such uproarious objection, The Supreme Court has acted in direct opposition to the longstanding will of most Americans who support abortion access.

While this news will alter the healthcare and political landscape of the United States, New Voices, and other Reproductive Justice advocates across the country will continue fighting for those most harmed by abortion restrictions–Black people. Through community care, organizing, and public education, we will ensure that those most affected by the violent assaults of white supremacy, patriarchy, transphobia and poverty have space where they feel informed and safe.

“Even with Roe v. Wade,” says New Voices Executive Director, Kelly Davis, “the United States was not a safe haven for abortion or any kind of reproductive healthcare, especially for Black people. The Reproductive Justice movement will continue to center the most marginalized in our activism and ensure our communities get what they need to not only survive, but thrive.”

“While we acknowledge that voting is primarily a tool for harm reduction, New Voices is committed to engaging with Black voters and non-voters alike in the coming months. Our Voice Your Vote! staff throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio will be out from now until November encouraging everyone to vote. We’ll be educating and mobilizing voter turnout among Black women and queer people, who are often labelled as ‘low-propensity voters,’ a tragic byproduct of exclusion and disenfranchisement.”

“New Voices is also dedicated to providing the communities we serve with the resources they need, which is why our #SayHERName Justice Fund now includes grants for abortion care and costs. We are organizing Black women, girls, femmes, and folx across Pennsylvania and Ohio to engage in the Reproductive Justice movement to fight for our future liberation. As a collective, we have the power to make our voices heard.”

Attacks on our human rights will always be met with protest and activism. We will not stop until Reproductive Justice is the expectation, not the exception. We will continue to work towards a future where every Black woman and birthing individual has access to the reproductive healthcare they need in order to be happy, healed, and whole.


New Voices for Reproductive Justice is a multi-state organization based in Pennsylvania and Ohio dedicated to the health and well-being of Black women, femmes, girls and gender-expansive folx. Founded in Pittsburgh in 2004, New Voices has served over 200,000 Black women, femmes, girls and folx through leadership development, community organizing, policy advocacy and culture change. Our priority issues include Black maternal health, abortion access and environmental justice. New Voices advocates at the national, state and local level for Reproductive Justice – the Human Right of all people to control our bodies, sexuality, gender, work, reproduction and ability to form our families. Our long-term social impact goal is that Black women, femmes, girls and folx live long, healthy and joyful lives.