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Our Executive Director

An Important Leadership Announcement

Dear Community and Friends,

We trust this message finds you enjoying the joys and successes of the summer season! Here at New Voices, the air is abuzz with dynamic energy and transformative changes. It is with a blend of gratitude and anticipation that we announce the next phase of our leadership journey. After leading New Voices for more than a year, Kelly Davis is transitioning from her role as Executive Director to pursue rewarding new opportunities.

During her brief, yet impactful time with us, Kelly has been instrumental in advancing our organization's mission and making significant strides in the sphere of reproductive health and advocacy for Black women, girls and gender-expansive individuals.

Kelly’s robust leadership was the exact spark we needed during a critical time of transition. She was our champion, ensuring that New Voices echoed in every important conversation around Reproductive Justice. Her unwavering commitment and grit have carved a path for meaningful discussions on healthcare reform for Black women and queer individuals. She has always been—and will continue to be—a steadfast champion for our cause. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

While we bid farewell to Kelly, we are excited to announce that Beulah Osueke, our current Deputy Director, will take the helm as Interim Executive Director. Beulah's nearly five-year tenure with New Voices has seen her spearheading numerous mission advancement initiatives, contributing immensely to the strengthening of our organization's foundations. Beulah's leadership has also been central in developing a unique organizing framework for Black women and queer individuals. She has shown continued dedication to impacting the lives of those most marginalized and is a well known and respected community activist, former coach, and change-maker in Philadelphia. We are excited to welcome her into this new position!

As we embark on this transition, our board is kicking off a focused search for our next executive director. Your ongoing support and dedication to New Voices is what keeps our engine running. Your belief in our mission is what fuels our work every day.