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Our Organizational Strategies

We’re building a social change movement through a focus on three key strategies: voter engagement, community organizing, and policy advocacy. We approach the intersectional issues associated with reproductive justice, such as maternal health, environmental degradation, birth equity, and abortion access, through a combination of organizing, mutual aid, leadership development, political and voter education and policy advocacy. Learn more about our issue areas below.


In order to achieve our vision for a reproductive justice future where every Black woman, girl, femme, and gender-expansive folk is safe, healthy, and able to make their own bodily choices, we must focus on voting and voter education. Increasing attacks on voting rights and voting access belies what we know to be true, that the hierarchical structures of oppression in the United States are threatened when everyone can vote. New Voices is dedicated to increasing voter registration in our three cities of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland. However, voter registration and voting are not enough by themselves; they are a tool of harm reduction. Our VoiceYourVote! staff work tirelessly to ensure that communities are equipped with the information and knowledge necessary to cast their vote on behalf of themselves, their families, and their communities. We are focused on registration and the engagement and participation of all eligible Black voters in our communities and work to resource individuals not only with information but everything they need to feel comfortable voting.


We recognize that real power resides with the people. Our community organizing efforts build community and agency amongst Black women and femmes in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland. Through education opportunities, training, workshops, leadership development, and community engagement events, we work to create a communal and widely-shared commitment to a future where Black women and gender expansive people enjoy lives devoid of violence, abuse, and neglect across all sectors of society. We envision a world where pleasure, joy, and complete freedom are sustained elements of all Black people’s lives.


In addition to voter education and registration, we are obligated to continually educate our communities on policies and how those policies shape our social movements. Reproductive justice policies are under intense scrutiny at all levels - local, state, and national - of government, and we encourage reproductive justice advocacy for Black and marginalized communities who are our most vulnerable populations. As a 501(c)3 organization, we are able to support, educate, and direct those who stand with us in protecting reproductive rights for all. 

Reproductive Justice advocacy in our organization means developing capacity and building relationships within the communities we serve, creating and supporting advocacy networks, individuals, and organizations, and developing leadership within our organization and within our communities.