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Liberation & Freedom For All

New Voices is an unapologetically Black and queer-led movement organization, dedicated to advancing  Reproductive Justice, a framework founded and built specifically for Black women, girls, femmes, and gender-expansive folx.

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Voice Your Power

New Voices knows that voting is a tool of harm reduction that alone is insufficient. Our aim is to ensure that the communities we serve feel knowledgeable and informed prior to every election, so they feel empowered to vote on behalf of themselves, their families, and their communities. Our team is focused on registration in addition to the engagement, education, and participation of all eligible Black voters.


Resourcing Families

New Voices’ community organizing efforts provide direct material support, as well as healing spaces, power-building, Reproductive Justice cohorts, and teach-ins to Black women, folx, and their families across our two states. Through strategic community partnerships with nonprofits, medical clinics, and public health departments, we are providing warm linkages to support and resources.


Shifting the Needle

New Voices is engaged in and informed by policy, which educates our outreach and organizing efforts. Our staff have an unwavering focus on Reproductive Justice, Environmental Justice, Voting Rights, Gender-Based Violence and Black Maternal Health in the Pennsylvania and Ohio legislatures, and national policy efforts around promoting Reproductive Justice legislation.

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