Trust Black Women

New Voices Staff


La’Tasha D. Mayes MSPPM, President & CEO
Carmen Alexander, Deputy Director of Operations / Chief of Staff
Beulah Osueke, Strategic Operations Director – Philadelphia
Allison Lee-Mann, Human Resources Director – Pittsburgh
Lois “Toni” McClendon, Office Coordinator – Pittsburgh
Gabrielle Jones, Administrative Assistant – Cleveland

Community Organizing

Donovan Atterberry, Voice Your Vote! Project Organizer – Cleveland

Tausha Bonner-Johnson, SistahSpeak! Youth Project Coordinator
Matt Dean, Environmental Justice Exchange Coordinator


Simone Quinerly, Board Treasurer (Pittsburgh, PA)
Amanda Reed, Board Secretary (Washington, DC)
Ashley Grice (Pittsburgh, PA)
Mazda Miles (Philadelphia, PA)


Lois “Toni” McClendon, New Voices Co-Founder
Dr. Sonya Borrero, Center for Women’s Health Research and Innovation, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Lauren Fraley, Community Volunteer
Sue Frietsche, Women’s Law Project
Amanda Green-Hawkins, United Steelworkers
Ada Gay Griffin, Community Volunteer
LaVerne Baker Hotep, Kingsley Association
Cheryl Kleiman, Education Law Center
Claudette Lewis, Community Volunteer
Kelly E. Parker, ABAFASI
Cathy Raphael, Community Volunteer