Environmental Justice Project

The Environmental Justice Project is our collective work to connect our health and environment at the intersection of Racial Justice, Gender Justice, and Reproductive Justice. Organizing Black Women through leadership development, voter engagement, and policy advocacy to end environmental racism.

Environmental Justice Exchange

EJX is a program for environmental professionals that gives them the opportunity to work in Black and people of color led social justice organizations in order to gain a broader understanding of racial justice, gender justice, and intersectionality. EJEx teaches environmental organizations how to center the voices, experiences, and leadership of Black communities in the struggle to uproot environmental racism and build health communities.

Environmental Justice Leadership Network

The EJLN is a leadership program for Black women/femmes and women of color in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and Southwest PA to develop the capacity to organize for environmental justice. EJLN participants will learn about issues that impact our health and environment, understand the powerful connection between Environmental and Reproductive Justice, and gain skills to organize and advocate in their communities.

Voter Engagement

New Voices Environmental Justice Project focuses on non-partisan voter engagement around key environmental justice issues. Because of the disastrous and irreversible environmental impact of harmful legislation and its disproportionate impact on communities of color, elections are one of the most consequential realms in terms of our work to dismantle environmental racism. It’s a really important moment for environmental organizations to partner with Black-led organizations to reach voters impacted by environmental racism, anti-Black racism and gender oppression ahead of the upcoming Presidential Election.

If you are concerned about environmental justice, you can register to vote here.

Policy Advocacy

We are working with cross-sector coalitions to hold our leaders accountable and demand environmental justice. While the landscape of legislation is constantly shifting, we believe that access to a safe and healthy environment is a fundamental human right, and will fight for legislation that protects that right.

Facebook: New Voices PittsburghTwitter: @NewVoicsPGH
Phone: 412.363.4500 | Office: 5987 Broad Street. Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Environmental Justice Exchange Coordinator: Matt Dean (matt@newvoicesrj.org)