Defend Black Women is a campaign to bring awareness, activate and empower Black women and Black transwomen, Black nonbinary folx to create systemic change in northeast Ohio.

In the middle of a global movement for Black Lives Matter, we notice how often Black Women are left out of the conversation although they experience police violence at similar rates as their peers. We also noticed the plight of Black trans women was being widely ignored. Similar to our sister Breonna Taylor, whom murderers have still not been arrested, justice is rarely achieved for Black women. We also know that it is not just police violence but also state violence and intimate partner violence. We want to envision a world that Black women, femmes and girls are Free and Safe!

CALL TO ACTION: March for Black Women! August 30, 2020

We are asking for folks to come out and march for justice for Black women, femmes and girls. We are asking Black men and masculine presenting folx to stand in solidarity with Black women, and volunteer to serve as medics, security, registrants for voting and census. At the march there will be voter registration and census outreach conducted.

This March a collaboration between New Voices and Deep Roots Experience Art Gallery.
New Voices is building a coalition to combat the patriarchal and state sanctioned violence that is harming Black women, black trans women and black non-binary folks. Deep Roots Experience Art Gallery is striking back at white supremacy in Cleveland art spaces and using art as a liberation tool and act of resistance.

Thank You to Our #DefendBlackWomen Co-Organizers!

One Seam Consulting

Higher Art Life

Deep Roots Experience