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Voter Engagement Strategy

New Voices for Reproductive Justice is committed to increasing voter engagement, voting turnout and voting power among Black women in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Our Voice Your Vote! Project is our integrated voter engagement program and we work all year long to provide accurate and timely information about local, state and federal elections, connect our supporters to important Reproductive Justice issues impacting our communities and advocate for policies that make elections accessible, fair and protected. To work or volunteer with our Voice Your Vote! Project in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia or Cleveland, contact Simone Caldwell, Voice Your Vote! Project Manager, at or call 412.363.4500.

Pennsylvania now has both absentee ballots and mail-in ballots. They are both due to your local County Board of Elections office by Tuesday, June 2nd at 8p via mail or in person.

If you are Black, this message is for you. If you are not Black, this is an opportunity to learn.

Black people are traumatized. We are trying to make a way out of no way during a time when Black people are being indiscriminately killed by police. We have been here before – confronting white supremacy and anti-Black racism peacefully and powerfully.

It feels like it has not mattered just like our lives have not mattered for the over 400 years since the first known enslaved Africans were brought to this nation. Again and again, Black people in America have been oppressed, terrorized and killed for the color of our skin.

Black people have righteous anger and we can channel it however we need by any means necessary to bring justice to the past, present and future.

One of the many channels is voting. And the truth is there is every obstacle in our way to stop us from voting TODAY, June 2 in the Pennsylvania Primary Election.

The Primary date was changed because of COVID-19. The mode of voting has changed to in-person and mail-in ballot where a slow process and warranted distrust have created confusion. Polls are being consolidated increasing the ratio of voters to poll 10x over.

Ballots can be postmarked now extending the deadline in certain counties. If you applied for and did not receive a ballot, you can vote in person through what is called a provisional ballot. Polls are slated to be open until 8P with curfews in some Pennsylvania cities starting as early as 6P.

How is a free and fair election possible if a Black voter has to confront contracting COVID-19 and/or experiencing white supremacist terrorism on Election Day? or calling your local County Board of Elections.


Registered voters will have the option to vote in person at their polling location or vote by mail-in ballot.

1. June 2 is now a postmark deadline for absentee or mail-in ballot for the following counties:
– Allegheny
– Dauphin
– Delaware
– Erie
– Montgomery
– Philadelphia

2. If you cannot have your ballot postmarked by June 2, you must drop it off at your County Board of Elections on June 2 by 8PYou can take it do designated drop-off locations in Philadelphia>>

3. There is still in-person voting if you have not requested an absentee or mail-in ballot. Polls are scheduled to be open 7A-8P. Your poll has likely been moved. Vote early as curfews will likely be in effect. If you are voting in person, confirm your voting location here>>

4. If you have trouble at the polls for any reason – poll is not open in time, long lines, call 1.866.OUR.VOTE for voter protection.

5. Go to New Voices social media – @NewVoicesPgh and @NewVoicesPhilly on Facebook and @NewVoices4RJ on Twitter – for updates throughout the day.

Pennsylvania now has both absentee ballots and mail-in ballots. They are both due to your local County Board of Elections office by Tuesday, June 2nd at 8p via mail or in person.

An absentee ballot is used if you will not be in on Election Day. A mail-in ballot does not require a reason and you would use this if you do not qualify for an absentee ballot. 

You can submit your application for an absentee ballot online at or mail-in ballot online at, by mail, via phone or in-person. 

Read more about the two different types of ballots at

Polling Locations: Confirm your polling location as they may have changed if it was located at a senior center or assisted living facility. Lookup your polling location online at or calling your local County Board of Elections.


There is no in-person voting at polling locations on Election Day. All voting will be conducted through absentee ballot.


“Do-It-Yourself” Option: Go to, download absentee ballot application, complete it, sign it and mail it or drop it off to your specific County Board of Elections by the designated deadline. In Cuyahoga County, the deadline is Saturday, April 25 at 12NOON. There is a drop off box in their parking lot.
New Voices Support Option: In specific Cleveland-area Zip Codes, our Voter Engagement Team will drop off or pick up your absentee ballot application via contactless exchange. Complete this form asap at The final pick up time is Friday, April 24 at 8p. Call 412.983.9631 for any questions.

If you live in Cuyahoga County and have already submitted your absentee ballot application, you can Track Your Ballot on the Board of Elections Website.